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Acquisition Highlights

Since inauguration in 1880, the National Gallery has been fortunate to build its collection thanks to the generosity of donor gifts and curatorial acquisitions. Visit often to discover the depth and diversity of the collection as we continue to add artworks back through history and up to the present.

Highlights 1990 - 1991

Mary, Help of Christians (fragment showing the Virgin)
François Beaucourt
Mary, Help of Christians (fragment showing the Virgin), 1793

Indians in a Snowy Landscape
Cornelius Krieghoff
Indians in a Snowy Landscape, c. 1847-1848
Arbutus Tree
Emily Carr
Arbutus Tree, 1922
Michael Snow
Seen, 1965
Tidal Wave
Paterson Ewen
Tidal Wave, 1989
First words
Irene F. Whittome
First Words, 1982
Whales and a Fish
Kenojuak Ashevak
Whales and a Fish,
c. 1959-1960
Pitseolak Ashoona
Birds, c. 1959-1960

Sketchbook (22 drawings)
Tom Thomson
Sketchbook (22 drawings), c. 1905

The Road to the School House, Quebec
Arthur Lismer
The Road to the School House, Quebec, 1925

Neo-Glyph I 84
Carl Beam
Neo-Glyph I 84, 1984
The Birth of Perception
Joyce Wieland
The Birth of Perception, 1981
A Little Boy at His Mother’s Knee
Anthony van Dyck
A Little Boy at His Mother’s Knee, c. 1632