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Acquisition Highlights

Since inauguration in 1880, the National Gallery has been fortunate to build its collection thanks to the generosity of donor gifts and curatorial acquisitions. Visit often to discover the depth and diversity of the collection as we continue to add artworks back through history and up to the present.

Highlights 1991 - 1992

Forest (Tree Trunks)
Emily Carr
Forest (Tree Trunks),
c. 1938-1939

Mechanical Forest Sound
Harold Town
Mechanical Forest Sound, 1953
Munitions Worker
Elizabeth Wyn Wood
Munitions Worker, 1944
Untitled (Traveller)
Wanda Koop
Untitled (Traveller), 1990
See the Rushes
Joanne Tod
See the Rushes, 1991
Ashevak Tunnillie
Dog-woman, 1987
Sunlight on Table and Floor
Murray Favro
Sunlight on Table and Floor, 1991
When the Days are Long and the Sun Shines into the Night
Jessie Oonark
When the Days are Long and the Sun Shines into the Night, 1966-1969

Indian Village at Friendly Cove
Jock MacDonald
Indian Village at Friendly Cove, B.C., 1936

Preservation of a Species: Shroud Spill
Joane Cardinal-Schubert
Preservation of a Species: Shroud Spill, 1988

Betty Goodwin
Carbon, 1987