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Acquisition Highlights

Since inauguration in 1880, the National Gallery has been fortunate to build its collection thanks to the generosity of donor gifts and curatorial acquisitions. Visit often to discover the depth and diversity of the collection as we continue to add artworks back through history and up to the present.

Highlights 1998 - 1999

A Place in my Heart
Tony Cragg
A Place in my Heart, 1998
Before Silence
Betty Goodwin
Before Silence, 1998
Veiled Forest
Holly King
Veiled Forest, 1997
Portrait of a Man with a Felt Hat
Lorenzo Lotto
Portrait of a Man with a Felt Hat,
c. 1541
Black and White Trees and Buildings
David B. Milne
Black and White Trees and Buildings, 1915-16
Owl with Fish in Beak
Osuitok Ipeelee
Owl with Fish in Beak, 1995
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Untitled, 1953
Garden of an Italian Villa
Hubert Robert
Garden of an Italian Villa,
A Stormy Landscape
Peter Paul Rubens
A Stormy Landscape, c. 1935-38
Still-life with Fruit
Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté
Still-life with Fruit
, c. 1902